Nail Enhancements

 Nail enhancements can accommodate any lifestyle. Nail enhancements are not thick and do not have to be worn long. Today, a more natural look is appealing. There are many different types of enhancements such as acrylics, solar, and gel nails. Consult one of our professional nail technicians to determine which nail extension is best for you.

Solar Nails Full-Set Pink & White $45
Solar Pink & White Fill-in $35

Considered one of the best enhancements in the industry. Solar nails are strong and resist from lifting, yellowing far more than many other nail enhancements. Solar nails come in different colors and is ideal to achieve a permanent “French” on the nails. Prices vary depending on color and artwork.

Liquid Gel Full Set  $35 / Liquid Gel Full Set $35

 Are an extremely natural-looking enhancement: thin, clear, light, flexible, nonporous, resist lifting.

Powder Gel Full Set $35 / Powder Gel Fill-in $25

The look of Gel with the strength of Acrylic.  A more durable option to liquid gel.

Gel Pink & White Full Set $50
 Gel Pink & White Fill-In $40

 Same concept as regular gel nails but using a white gel to achieve a permanent French look with no chipping and longer lasting white.

Acrylic Full Set  $30 / Acrylic Fill-in $20

Acrylic nails, in most cases, are the strongest semi-permanent nail extensions available. Ideal for everyday chores and tasks while keeping your hands beautiful.

*Stiletto, Coffin, and Almond shapes add $5

*Add gel polish to any enhancement service $10

*Nail Cut down with service    $3

*Repairs  $3+

*Long Nails $5+

*Cuticle Soak and Trim  $7



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